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What Are the Advantages of Fibrex Windows in Cincinnati?

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by RBA Ohio


If the windows in your Cincinnati home are looking a bit worse for wear, you may be thinking about replacing them. With so many options for replacement windows on the market, choosing the right ones can feel overwhelming. However, there is one type of replacement windows that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest: Fibrex┬« windows. Fibrex composite is Renewal by Andersen's favorite window frame material for homes of all styles and ages. Here's a look at the many advantages of Fibrex.

Fibrex windows offer a versatile look.

Do you like the look of natural wood? You may want to choose Fibrex windows with a natural finish. If you like a bold, modern look, opt for black or darker-colored window frames. And if you love the traditional look of thick, white window frames, custom Fibrex windows can be made to suit your needs, too. Fibrex windows also come in a wide range of styles, including double-hung, awning, casement, and sliding windows. 

Fibrex is more durable than wood or vinyl.

Wood windows are notorious for being prone to rot and mold as they age. Fibrex escapes this limitation. Although Fibrex is made with wood fibers, they are suspended in a matrix that prevents the fibers from developing mold and rot, even in the frequent presence of water. This is definitely an asset during the wet, rainy Ohio spring.

Fibrex is also more durable than vinyl. Vinyl windows don't require painting or scraping, which makes them appealing to many homeowners. However, fluctuations in temperature cause the vinyl to crack, which makes the windows inefficient and leaky. Fibrex replacement windows won't expand, crack, or leak after being exposed to heat, humidity, and dramatic temperature shifts. So your Fibrex windows will stay efficient and sealed as they age. 

Fibrex is very energy-efficient.

Fibex is highly energy efficient because it remains so tightly sealed to the glass. However, the material is also a great insulator, which means very little heat passes through the windows and into your Cincinnati home. Choose Fibrex windows, and enjoy lower energy bills than you would have with wood, vinyl, or aluminum windows. 

Fibrex is a sustainable choice.

Choosing Fibrex windows is also a smart choice for the environment. The wood fibers used to make Fibrex are left over from other wood production processes. Their use in Fibrex stops them from being added to a landfill. By reducing your energy costs, Fibrex windows are also decreasing your carbon footprint. That's a win-win situation for anyone seeking to live in a greener, more eco-friendly manner.

Fibrex comes with an excellent warranty.

Renewal by Andersen is so confident in the durability of Fibrex windows that they protect the windows with one of the best warranties in the replacement window industry. You get a 20-year warranty on the glass and Fibrex, and a 10-year warranty on other components. This warranty is transferrable, so if you sell your home, the new owner can utilize it. Having a great warrant means you do not have to worry about the cost of possible repairs in the coming years. This peace of mind is priceless

Fibrex windows are a beautiful, versatile, and highly durable window replacement option. If you're ready to lower your energy bills and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an excellent warranty, contact Renewal by Andersen. We can schedule a free consultation in your Cincinnati home and recommend the best window styles for you.

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