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What Are Combination Windows and Do They Work for an Indianapolis Home?

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by RBA Indiana


Are you looking for a dramatic way to bring more light into your Indianapolis home while also adding some simple beauty? Combination windows may be the perfect solution. Put simply, combination windows are "sets" of windows placed next to one another to make a bold statement. A combination window can serve as the focal point of your living room, dining room, or master bedroom — and it can also give you a lovely view of the outdoors from insider your home. Here's a closer look at common types of combination windows and the advantages of this window style.

What Are Some Common Combination Window Styles?

Most combination window arrangements include a picture window, plus a few smaller windows placed above or to the side of the large picture window. In this situation, the picture window is typically a fixed window — it does not open — and the accompanying smaller windows may be casement, sliding, or awning windows that you can open for some fresh air.

You can also choose a combination window that consists of three (or more) side-by-side hung windows or casement windows. This differs from a bay window in that the window panes are mounted flat within the wall; they do not emerge from the wall at an angle like a bay window. The center window may be larger than the other two to create a sense of balance.

Shaped windows can also be worked into a combination window arrangement. For instance, you can place an arch window over a picture window to give it a softer appearance, or place two triangle windows to either side of a picture window to give it a more angular, modern appearance.

Are Combination Windows Energy-Efficient?

Many Indianapolis homeowners are hesitant to add a big combination window to their home because they fear doing so will drive up their energy bills. But thankfully, today's windows are more efficient than ever, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of a combination window without the super-high heating bills.

Fibrex® composite is a very energy-efficient window frame material that stays closely adhered to the glass, preventing your combination window from developing leaks. It is also a great insulator. Low-e glass, like SmartSun™ glass from Renewal by Andersen, is another efficient option. It reflects the sun's heat waves back towards the outdoors so the area in front of your combination window does not get too hot in the summer.

How Can You Decorate With a Combination Window?

Your combination window will be a focal point in your decor, so it's important that it has your desired look! You can customize the look of your combination window by choosing a unique interior color, such as Sandstone, Terratone, or natural pine. Echo that frame color throughout the rest of your room with elements like throw pillows and area rugs. You can also add a grille to some or all of the segments of your combination window. A colonial window grille lends a more traditional look, whereas a farmhouse grille is cozy and rustic.

If you love big, open, airy spaces, then you should definitely consider adding a combination window to your Indianapolis home. Whether you choose a big picture window with a few little awning windows to the side — or a set of several matching triangle windows — your home will look brilliant. Contact Renewal by Andersen to schedule a free, in-home consultation. 


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