Reflecting Your Personality with Attractive Windows and Patio Doors

When you install attractive windows and patio doors and change the paint colors in rooms in your home, it reflects your personality. Different window styles and colors also affect mood. Windows and patio doors allow for varying degrees of light to enter your Indiana home which can lift your spirits. Today’s contemporary windows and patio doors come in a variety of styles. The fixtures come in various colors that complement the color scheme of your home. According to a recent article by, paint colors are windows into your personality. When you choose different paint colors for the rooms of your home, hold the paint samples up to your selections for new windows and the fixtures.

  • Giving your kitchen a new look

Yellow is a popular paint color choice for a kitchen because it’s warm and sunny. If you feel down, consider using yellow in a kitchen as well as selecting windows that let in more natural light. If you are an extroverted person, choose brighter colors such as energizing reds and yellows. For windows, you are most likely comfortable with large picture windows that open up to the world. More introverted people often opt for windows that allow for privacy but still let natural light stream into the home.

  • Showing off your windows with red

Painting a dining room a deep shade of red will make your white windows pop. Consider having a bay or bow window installed in your dining room for a sophisticated look. You will make a design statement by painting a room red so use it as an accent, according to

  • Making your home more social

If your goal is to make your Indiana home a more fun place to entertain, consider adding patio doors for more access to an outdoor deck or patio. As far as color choices, orange tends to bring people together, according to decorators. Orange is also an earthy color.

If you live on Lake Michigan, you may want to convey a nautical theme by using blue colors. Choose picture and combination windows so you can maximize your view of the outdoors. Whether you opt for bay, bow, casement, double hung, picture or specialty windows, talk to an expert about how to get the most of the picturesque scene outside your home as well as inside of your home.

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