Maintain Your Replacement Windows to Maximize Their Lifespan

After having decade-old windows in your home for some time, getting replacement windows is great because it allows you to prioritize energy efficiency, which provides a lot of savings over time. However, you also need to maintain these windows, or you will end up replacing them sooner than expected.

Open and Close Windows Carefully
Windows should not require a lot of force to open or close, so an important point to keep in mind is that it is best to open your windows gently. If it is not easy to open or close a window, there is likely an issue with the window and it should be checked out by a professional to see what the problem may be.

Wash Dirt Off before Cleaning
When you see dirt or grime on a window, your first thought may be to rub it off right away. However, doing this can produce scratch marks, which may not affect how long a window lasts, but it certainly takes a toll on its appearance as the scratch marks will be noticeable up close.

Use Weak Cleaning Solutions
Although some surfaces in your home respond really well to strong cleaning solutions, windows are not one of them. It is ideal to use a weak cleaning solution, which includes standard soap and water, or a solution created with a small percentage of detergent and the rest of water.

Seal the Windows
It is important to seal your windows to prevent air leaks and maximize energy efficiency, but it is also crucial because you do not want water leaks to cause moisture problems and mold within the windows.

If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining your windows, contact us today.

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