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How to Choose the Right Bay Windows for Your Cincinnati Home

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 30, 2019 2:20:00 PM / by RBA Ohio


Bay windows have earned a special place in our hearts as a luxurious sitting space or cozy nook. While most of us are familiar with the traditional three-panel bay window, we are now seeing more and more variety in bay windows among Cincinnati homes. More options mean you have some important decisions to make before you order replacement bay windows for your Cincinnati home. 


The biggest consideration you need to make about your new window design is the shape of the bay you are creating. A typical three-sided bay window creates a half hexagon area with two narrow side panels and one wide center panel. More modern options include five-panel bays with narrower windows all around and softer angles, bow windows that offer a seamless look, or square bays that feature sharper angles protruding out from the house. The shape you choose will ultimately determine how much additional floor space or seating you can add in your bay. 

Window Height

Shape is only one piece of the bay window puzzle. You must also decide what size you want your windows to be. If you are hoping to change the actual footprint of the room and expand the floor space, you will want to use full-length windows in your bay. However, if you intend to add a bench or seating area, shorter windows are the way to go. If you go with smaller windows, be aware that you will need a support structure at the top and bottom of the windows to hold the bay up. 

Window Type

Once you've settled on shape and size, the final detail is deciding what type of window you want in each panel. Typically, side panels use casement or sash windows that allow you to open either side of the bay for airflow while the center panel is usually fixed. However, you can change this up with a variety of sliding and swinging window options to suit your needs or go with all fixed windows for simplicity. 

Adding a bay window to the front or back of your Cincinnati home can make a big impact on curb appeal and comfort, but it's not as easy as adding an extra window or two. Renewal by Andersen can help you plan your new bay window to create just the right effect while getting the most out of your newfound space. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation

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