Gliding / Sliding Windows Provide More Benefits Than You May Realize

Any new homeowner can attest to the fact that windows have much more of an impact on a home than most people think.  In addition to making your home aesthetically pleasing, they serve very important functions.  Whether it is insulation in the Midwestern states or making a poorly lit home brighter, window selection can drastically impact the feeling and personality of a home. 

Gliding / sliding windows have become a popular option and provide many benefits to homes. They function by sliding a fixed pane along a pane to open or shut in a more convenient way than the traditional windows that open outwards.  Some advantages of using these windows include but are not limited to:

  • Ease: They are easy to use, durable, and low maintenance. There are less components (i.e. springs and pulleys) than traditional windows so that means less can go wrong.  Other than occasional cleaning, all you have to do is unlock and slide.   
  • Economical: Among the most affordable windows for purchase, they last longer and need less repair than most other windows.  Most also include glazing which will insulate your home and reduce on heating bills in states such as Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.
  • Space and safety: Since these windows do not open in or outwards, they can save space and not protrude into your house acting as a hazard to your family.  The glaze can also provide UV protection for your family and ventilation is much easier if necessary. 

The one minor disadvantage people mention is that cleaning the outside of the windows can be slightly more difficult, but the benefits appear to far outweigh the drawbacks. Contact us at Renewal by Andersen Midwest and speak to a consultant or browse our wide selection of gliding windows as well as a variety of other options.

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