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Exploring Window Types for Your Dayton Home

[fa icon="calendar"] May 21, 2019 9:30:00 AM / by RBA Ohio


For more and more Dayton homeowners, windows are merely an extension of the existing construction. Either they work, or they don't, but replacing them is no easy task, so they often get ignored in favor of other projects. Unfortunately, having old windows is not something you can wait on. It could actually be costing you money every single month. Meanwhile, window manufacturers have introduced a range of new window types to fit a variety of stylistic choices, budgets, and climate needs. Here's a quick overview of the most popular window types today. 

Composite Window Frames

Vinyl is out, composites are in! While vinyl windows have reigned supreme for nearly two decades, manufacturers discovered that vinyl does have some limitations. Composite has been introduced as a suitable alternative because it offers many of the strengths of vinyl, with fewer drawbacks. For instance, it is less susceptible to flexing and expansion in changing weather conditions. This means that there will be fewer stress fractures over time. Plus it provides for better sealing and insulation all around and can be purchased in many different colors. 

Slide and Swing Windows

Another big change that has been introduced in recent years is improvements in sliding sash windows to allow for easier cleaning inside and out. These windows incorporate a special hinge that allows you to swing the sash free of its sliding track so that you can clean inside and outside panes with ease. With these new features, these windows are simplifying your life and ensuring that they always look clean and clear. 

Glass Treatments

Beyond the style and design of the windows themselves, there have also been numerous glass treatment options introduced. These specially treated window types are typically available in specific climate regions, changing the way heat and light are filtered through your windows. In this way, you can reduce your power bills by having your glass treated to reflect specific rays in the spectrum so that your HVAC system won't have to work as hard, but you can still enjoy natural light throughout the year. 

Renewal by Andersen is leading the industry by bringing you the latest and greatest window types in Dayton. To learn more, visit us online and schedule your free consultation. You'll be blown away by the huge array of options now available to design your dream home. 


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