Dealing with the Draft

The best solution for old, drafty windows is to replace them; however, this solution isn’t always a quick one. If you’re waiting for your installation date or if you’re saving up for replacementsand you just can’t stand dealing with the draft, here are some ways to deal while you’re waiting.

Weather Stripping – One of the most common and cheapest ways to stop a draft is to use weather stripping. Simply buy some from your local hardware or home improvement store, measure, cut, peel, and stick. The adhesive backing will allow the stripping to fuse to your window frame and help block out the draft. It’s not exactly the most attractive alternative, but it’s a cheap and an easy way to stop cold air infiltration while you’re waiting. Keep in mind that weather stripping may leave a behind a sticky residue when removed.

Insulated Curtains – Heavy, insulated curtains are a stylish way to block a draft. Unlike decorative curtains, insulated curtains provide a thermal like barrier between the interior of
your home and drafty windows. Close the curtains at night to keep cold air trapped between the curtain and the window, and open them during the day to allow the sun to warm up your home. Hanging insulated curtains is a great way to keep the draft at bay while you save up for window replacements. Plus, they look great and you can keep them up year round!

Draft Snakes – An oldie but a goody, draft snakes are the long, usually beanbag styled fabric tubes that can be placed on a windowsill or at the bottom of a door frame to block a draft. Draft snakes are inexpensive and are easy do-it-yourself projects. They are also easily removed when they are no longer needed and you don’t have to worry about residues, since you aren’t adhering anything to the glass or window frame.

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