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Can You Personalize Dayton Home Windows?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 22, 2019 1:14:00 PM / by RBA Ohio


When you picture a window, what comes to mind? Most people picture a hung window encased in a white frame. However, this is just one window style. There are so many different ways you can customize your house windows, especially with all of the options available today. Here are some ways you can personalize the new windows for your Dayton home and make them feel more like your own.

Switch up your style.

Do you like the look of casement windows, which open like little doors? Maybe you enjoy the look of awning windows, which hinge up over the window opening like an awning. Just because you have a certain type of window now, that does not mean you have to stick with that style of window. Think about how you can use different window styles to add character to your home. Maybe a bay window would add some glamour to your dining room, and perhaps a sliding window would look nice against your patio. You can use as many different styles of windows in your home as you desire, so feel free to get creative.

Add some grilles.

You've probably seen windows that look like the glass is divided into different segments. The pieces of material that divide the window into segments are known as grilles. They come in a lot of different styles, and you can personalize your windows by picking a style that resonates with your preferences. Choose a prairie style grille, which creates squares in the corners of the window, for a country vibe. If you prefer a more modern style, choose an equal light grille, which divides the window horizontally into several rectangles. You can use different grilles in various areas of your home, or you can use the same grille on each of your windows.

Create a combination window.

Another way to really draw attention to your windows and make them unique is to create a combination window in one of your rooms. A combination window usually features one large picture window, which does not open, plus some smaller accompanying casement or awning windows. Play around with different window combinations for a personalized appearance. You could place a half-circle window over the picture window for a soft, traditional look, or place a couple of awning windows to each side for a more modern appearance. Lay out different window combinations on paper to see what you may like.

Choose a unique color.

Then, of course, there's the matter of color. If you like the look of traditional white windows on your Dayton home, then by all means, stick with white. But don't be afraid to play around with something a bit more fun like forest green or cream, either. You can use a different finish on the outside and inside of your windows if you prefer. Dark windows against a white base — like navy blue windows with white siding — can look really stunning and non-traditional.

When it comes to home windows, there are many more options than you might think. Try customizing your style, color, and grille choices to give your Dayton home a look that expresses your unique style. For more personalized advice, schedule a free, in-home consultation with Renewal by Andersen. Our trained technicians are sure to have some valuable recommendations. 




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