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Can Dayton Windows Really Be Worry Free?

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 5, 2019 8:29:00 AM / by RBA Ohio


With work-related obligations, family obligations, and social demands, you have enough to worry about already. You don't need to also worry about your home — especially its windows. If your windows are old and inefficient, you may have nothing but worries: worries about energy-efficiency, maintenance, and safety, to name a few. If you're just plain sick of worrying, perhaps it's time to replace the windows in your Dayton home. New home windows from Renewal by Andersen really can be worry-free.

No Worries About Efficiency

Renewal by Andersen's home windows are remarkably energy-efficient. They carry the Energy Star logo and can help Dayton home owners dramatically decrease their heating and cooling bills. A few features make this possible:

  • Double-pane glass provides improved insulation, thanks to the layer of air sandwiched between the glass panes.
  • Fibrex® composite is an energy-efficient material that prevents air leaks and is an excellent insulator.
  • SmartSun™ glass keeps energy bills low year-round by reflecting heat waves, rather than allowing them to conduct heat through the glass.

You'll enjoy not having to worry about wallet-breaking energy bills, and you can turn your air conditioner or heat on as needed without worry, too.

No Worries About Maintenance

Older wooden windows require so much maintenance, and if you don't keep up with all the scraping and painting, the windows will start deteriorating rapidly. Fibrex composite windows are virtually maintenance-free. You never have to paint or strip them. You'll want to keep them clean, but they won't rot or start molding if you have to put off your window cleaning session for a few weeks. 

Companies that sell vinyl windows often advertise them as low-maintenance, too. While vinyl windows do not require painting and do not rot, they can crack and begin leaking as they age. Fibrex windows equally reduce your worries about maintenance, but without the high risk of cracks and leaks.

No Worries About Ventilation

Do you worry about rain coming in when you open windows for ventilation? Replace the windows you open most often with awning windows. You can leave them open for fresh air even when it's raining outside without worrying that the rain will end up inside your home. The open window acts as an awning over the window opening, directing water away from your home.

No Worries About Safety

If your older windows no longer latch properly, you may worry about someone breaking in. You may also worry about older hung windows coming crashing down on someone's fingers if the mechanisms that hold the windows open fail. With new home windows, safety is much less of a concern. Modern windows lock tightly into the frame to keep intruders at bay and feature safety mechanisms to prevent finger injuries.

No Worries About Repairs

Perhaps the most worry-free aspect of getting new windows is the warranty. Renewal by Andersen's windows are protected by a 20-year warranty on glass and Fibrex, along with a 10-year warranty on installation and parts other than glass. If repairs are needed within this period, chances are they'll be covered under warranty, so you don't have to worry about your wallet.

If you're looking for worry-free home windows, contact Renewal by Andersen. We'll come conduct a free consultation in your Dayton home. Our trained technicians can recommend safe, energy-efficient, maintenance-free windows to suit your particular needs and style preferences. 

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