Baby Boomers Stay Put and Remodel with Patio Doors and Windows

Instead of retiring to a sunnier state, most baby boomers plan to retire in place and put money into their existing homes. If you are a baby boomer planning to remodel your Michiganhome, one of the first places to start is with updated patio doors and energy-efficient windows. According to a recent survey by Demand Institute cited by a CNN Money piece, 63 percent of people in their 50s and early 60s don’t want to move in retirement. Instead, they are staying put. The survey indicated boomers plan to increase the value of their homes by remodeling. Experts say 17 percent of baby boomers have already retired, with about 10,000 new retirees reaching age 65 each day.Finding ways to save money
Baby boomers can save money by staying put and working with the home they currently own. Replacing old patio doors with weather stripping and secure seals can prevent drafts in the home. Energy-efficient windows help Michigan homeowners save on the cost of heating and cooling. Living on a fixed income, it’s important to look for ways to lower the monthly expenses such as utility bills.

Enjoying increased safety
Another reason why new patio doors and windows should be high on the remodeling to-do list is due to the safety factor. It’s easier for criminals to break into old doors and windows without modern locks. It’s more difficult to open windows and doors during an emergency if they are so old they don’t budge. New windows and doors can also be customized with elder-friendly handles and levers.

Preparing for the future
Although the majority of baby boomers don’t want to move now, the reality is they may need to eventually sell their homes in order to go into assisted living or nursing homes. Having attractive French contemporary patio doors should appeal to prospective buyers down the road. By replacing outdated doors now, a retiree can get enjoy the home improvements for many more years to come.

At Renewal by Andersen Michigan, we can install energy-efficient replacement windows and patio doors for your Michigan home. For more information about ways to update windows and doors for retiring in place, please contact us.

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