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5 Reasons to Choose RbA for Dayton Replacement Windows

[fa icon="calendar"] May 16, 2019 8:50:00 AM / by RBA Ohio


Windows do so much for your Dayton home. They let in light, open to allow breezes to rush in, and add an element of beauty to your space. As such, you should not trust just anyone to replace your home's windows. At Renewal by Andersen (RbA), we have proven that we are leaders in the replacement window industry time and time again. Here are five good reasons to trust RbA with your window replacement project.

1. RbA Employs Professional Installers

Installing new windows is not a DIY project, and it's not something you want to leave to a general contractor, either. Here's why even the highest quality windows won't be energy-efficient or long-lasting if they are not installed properly. RbA employs well-trained, professional technicians who have plenty of experience working with our specific products. They will ensure your replacement windows are installed in such a way that maximizes their lifespan and gives your Dayton home the most protection.

2. RbA Offers Fibrex® Window Frames

Many window replacement companies these days offer vinyl windows, which are heavily marketed to be low-maintenance. But while vinyl windows do not require painting or staining, they are not as durable as you might hope. Vinyl starts to expand, contract, and crack when temperatures and humidity levels change. Renewal by Andersen offers a different window replacement product: Fibrex composite. This material is just as low-maintenance as vinyl, but it's far more durable and remains tightly sealed to your window glass as it ages. Fibrex is also sustainable, a good insulator, and comes in many colors and finishes. 

3. RbA Offers Multiple Window Styles

Double-hung windows seem to be the go-to window style these days, but there are so many other window styles that can be better suited to certain situations. Sliding windows, for instance, are perfect against a patio when you want to be able to hand grilling supplies or other items through the window. Awning windows are good for placing over counters, since you can open them with a window crank. We carry a wide range of window styles, and our technicians can help you choose the style that is right for you based on the appearance of a window opening and how you plan to use that window.

4. RbA Offers Performance Glass Options

Plain glass, on its own, is a very poor insulator and will allow a lot of heat to escape from your home. However, RbA offers performance glass options that greatly increase your windows' efficiency. SmartSun™ glass is the perfect choice for many Dayton homes. It's a Low-E glass, meaning that it reflects heat rather than allowing the heat to pass through. By blocking 95% of harmful UV rays, it also protects your skin, drapes, and carpet from sun damage and bleaching. 

5. RbA Offers In-Home Consultations

Some window replacement companies give you a quick estimate over the phone. RbA, however, offers free, in-home consultations. Our technicians will walk through your home and help you choose the windows that are best for you. Our estimates are good for one year, which gives you time to think and plan.

If window replacement is in your future, you can rely on Renewal by Andersen to do a great job. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation in your Dayton home and to learn more about our high performance windows.

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