5 Facts to Know About Dayton Window Frames

When most people think about windows, the first thing that comes to mind is the glass portion of those windows. However, the frame that surrounds the window is just as important. Faulty window frames can lead to water damage and air leaks, and attractive window frames can transform the entire look of your Dayton home! Keep reading to discover five interesting facts about window frames.

Window frames play an important role in efficiency.

Poor-quality or old window glass is commonly blamed for a lack of energy-efficiency. Similarly, many people focus on buying high-quality glass when they shop for windows. But the quality of your window frames has an impact on energy-efficiency, too. Window frames made from a high-quality composite material, like Fibrex®, have a better insulating capacity than those made from aluminum or vinyl. They also remain more efficient over the years since they are less likely to warp and crack than windows framed in vinyl.

Window frames can be replaced, too.

Although some homeowners opt to replace only their window glass and sashes, you absolutely can replace the window frames, too. A window replacement that involves replacing the frames, sashes, and glass is called a full-framed window replacement, and it is often the best choice for your Dayton home for the following reasons.

  • Full-frame window replacement ensures your new windows fit properly into the frame.
  • Full-frame window replacement eliminates mold and rot that may be developing in older frames.
  • Full-frame window replacement allows you to change the look of your home with a different color or style.

Window frames make a perfect accent to your decor.

Years ago, many window frames were painted to blend in with the walls. However, if you paint them a different color from your walls, frames can stand out as a beautiful accent to your decor. Interior designers recommend using three colors in your decorating. One color should encompass 70% of the room — that’s your wall color. Another color should encompass 20% of the room — that’s your window frame color. A third color should serve as an accent, encompassing 10% of the space, perhaps in the form of throw pillows or lamp shades.

Window frames must be carefully fitted to the window opening.

Installing a window frame is a bit harder than you might imagine. The window frame has to be carefully balanced inside the window opening, or else your windows may sag or may not sit level. This is why DIY window replacement is generally discouragedProfessional window installation contractors know how to properly replace window frames without compromising efficiency or appearance.

Window frames come in various styles.

If you want to change the style of your windows, you will likely need to replace the frames. For example, if you want to switch from double-hung windows to casement windows, you need new window frames since the casement windows hinge within the frame, whereas double-hung windows slide within the frame. Contrary to popular belief, you are not “stuck” with the style of windows you currently have. You can absolutely add a picture window if you want more light or an awning window if you want more ventilation.

Are you ready to replace the windows and window frames in your Dayton home? Contact Renewal by Andersen to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our Fibrex frames are perfectly suited to the Ohio climate.

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