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4 Questions to Ask a Cincinnati Window Replacement Professional

[fa icon="calendar"] May 20, 2019 10:33:00 AM / by RBA Ohio


Scheduling an in-home consultation is the best way to find out which windows may be best for your home, and to get an accurate idea of how much your window replacement services are going to cost. By looking at your home in person, a trained window replacement professional can make more specific recommendations and get a clear idea of how much work the installation will require. Another often-overlooked benefit of scheduling a consultation in your Cincinnati home is that it gives you the chance to ask questions. Here are a few questions we recommend asking during your consultation.

What Other Window Styles Would Work Well in This Opening?

Many Cincinnati homeowners assume that when they replace their windows, they need to stick with the same style they currently have. This is not the case. If you have any non-traditional window openings, like a long window opening above your kitchen counter or a really large window opening in the bedroom, there may be an alternative window style that works better in that space. For instance, awning windows work really well above counters. Ask the window technician whether there is a more suitable window style for any of your less-conventional window openings. A different style may be easier to open or may allow you to enjoy more ventilation from that specific window.

Are There Other Colors That Would Work Well Here?

Today's windows come in all sorts of different colors, and the right color can completely transform your room. If you know exactly which color windows you want, that's great. However, it's worth getting another opinion from your window replacement professional. They may suggest a color you never would have thought to use, but that will look absolutely beautiful. They've seen the window colors Cincinnati homeowners with homes similar to your own have chosen, so they have some insight into good choices.

How Does This Glass Choice Affect My Energy Bills?

Your window replacement technician will recommend a type of glass that fits into your budget while also helping to improve efficiency. However, since glass performance is not always well understood by homeowners, you should ask your technician to explain the features of this particular glass. They may explain how the Low-E coating reflects heat waves or how double-pane glass improves insulation. Glass choices like SmartSun™ glass from Renewal by Andersen have a lot of benefits, and our technicians can break them down to make them easy-to-understand. 

How Long Will the Installation Take?

Planning for installation is difficult when you have a busy schedule, and window technicians understand this. The windows in many homes can be replaced in one day, especially if the weather is nice. Some homes take two days if they are very large, the window openings need modification, or the weather is poor. Your technician can explain how long your project should take so that you can start planning accordingly. If you have any concerns about scheduling, bring them up early on so your window replacement company can fit you in most conveniently.

If you ask the questions above when the window replacement professional arrives to consult with you, then you will have a really good idea of what your project involves and what your best window choices are. Our technicians are waiting to answer! Contact Renewal by Andersen to schedule a free consultation in your Cincinnati home. 







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