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4 Dos and Don'ts for Window Safety in Your Cincinnati Home

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 5, 2019 8:20:00 AM / by RBA Ohio


Keeping you and your family safe is always at the top of your mind. Unfortunately, many people ignore the safety risks posed by windows throughout their Cincinnati homes. For families with young children and pets, extra care must be given to ensuring that all windows are safe and secure. Here are a few dos and don'ts to keep everyone safe. 

Do: Close and Lock Windows

Children should never be left in a room with an open window unattended. Even if you think the window is out of reach, they can still find a way to climb up and fall out. Locking windows ensures that they do not accidentally push the window open by leaning on it. 

Don't: Think of Screens as Safety Nets

Window screens are only designed to keep dust and pests out of your home. They cannot support the weight of a child or pet pressing against them. You should never rely on a window screen to keep your kids safe from falling, or to prevent a pet from escaping. In addition, window screens can be easily torn by many animals, so you should inspect them regularly for damage. 

Do: Limit Window Openings

Most modern windows come with a safety mechanism that limits windows to only opening a few inches unless an adult removes the block. These mechanisms should be in use whenever possible because they allow you to open the window for fresh air while limiting the potential for falls. 

Don't: Put Cribs or Beds Beneath Windows

Placing furniture directly beneath your child's window can give them easy access to opening windows on their own. It can also put them at risk if a window breaks during a storm or other unexpected event. Placing beds and cribs across from windows will minimize risk all around. 

While these four dos and don'ts are designed to help you make your home safer, it is also important to make sure that you have an escape plan for your family in case of fires. Your escape plan may include windows or patio doors that are otherwise locked. For more information about window safety for Cincinnati homes, contact Renewal by Andersen today and schedule your free consultation. We can show you the latest window safety measures and how they are being used to keep families safe across America. 


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