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3 Ways to Customize Your Cincinnati Patio Doors

[fa icon="calendar"] May 9, 2019 12:45:46 PM / by RBA Ohio


When was the last time you really examined your patio doors? For most people, patio doors are taken for granted. However, they are more complex than you may first assume, and there are many ways for you to customize patio doors which you may not have considered before. Here are three of the opportunities you will have to customize your new Cincinnati doors: 

The Door Style

The biggest decision you will have to make concerns the type of door you want to be installed. For instance, there are clear aesthetic and functional differences between a sliding door and a swinging door. Swinging French doors typically look more formal, while sliding doors offer more convenience and take up less space. Once you've chosen the right door style for your home, it's time to move on to other customization features. 

The Grille

Most patio doors feature plain open glass, which does make a room feel more open. However, there are many decorative grille options that you can add to change things up. For instance, a full grille that runs throughout the entire glass surface will create a cottage-style look. On the other hand, partial grilles around the outer edges of the glass create a more modern look. There are many grille variations that range from very simplistic to more detailed. 

The Hardware

Once you've decided on the details of the door itself, it's time to turn your focus to the hardware that will provide the finishing touch. You can choose hardware in a variety of colors and finishes, including polished, brushed and even distressed looks. You can also select from plain black or white handles that are matched to the door frame. This makes it easy to match the style of your patio door to other doorknobs and cabinets in your home which may have a distinct style. 

If you're ready to put in fresh patio doors in your Cincinnati home, now is the time to contact Renewal by Andersen. We can walk you through the steps of customizing your doors and give you a list of additional options for choosing glass treatments and other features that may improve the energy efficiency of your doors. Schedule your free consultation today to find out more! 




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