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3 Tips for Window Safety Awareness Week in Indianapolis

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 4, 2019 12:15:00 PM / by RBA Indiana


The first week of April 2019 is Window Safety Awareness week here in Indianapolis, and this is a great opportunity for homeowners to learn about some of the hidden dangers within their homes and take steps to remedy them sooner rather than later. Window safety is a topic we take very seriously, and we have put together a few tips so you can start inspecting your home's windows right away. 

Think of the Kids First

In all truth, your kids are the ones most likely to suffer a window-related injury. As such, it is important to stop and consider your children's bedrooms, playrooms and other areas where they may be left alone with a window or door. You should make sure that these windows and doors are never left open when children are unattended. In addition, you should be aware that window screens are not sufficient to prevent a fall. Finally, make sure that children's windows are not easily accessible by climbing on furniture that is placed near the window. 

Create an Escape Plan

Despite the fact that open windows do pose the danger of falling, they can also be seen as an important escape route if there is a fire or other disaster. For this reason, it is important to ensure that none of your windows are permanently sealed by paint or nails, which might prevent them from opening in case of an emergency. You should inspect the windows in each room to make sure that they meet minimum standards for egress in your county, and keep a ladder handy for upstairs windows. Teach everyone in the house how to use the ladder properly, but make sure they understand that it is not a toy. 

Learn How to Use Your Windows Properly

Most window accidents are totally preventable. However, you may be thinking that this means you have to keep your house closed up year round. Fortunately, there are many safety mechanisms in place that will allow you to open your windows partially to create ventilation and air flow, without putting your family at risk. You can learn how to install these blocks, as well as how to properly open windows to create the best airflow through your home. In addition, we advise against window unit air conditioners or fans in places where they may obstruct your ability to escape in an emergency. 

The best way to keep your Indianapolis home safe during Window Safety Awareness Week is to create an escape plan with your family, taking into account your current fans, AC units and other things that may get in the way. Practicing this plan several times will help you see where you need to improve your window safety and identify any windows that may be malfunctioning. For more information about window safety, contact Renewal by Andersen today and schedule your free consultation


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